Kristen is an energetic teacher who loves working with kids of all ages and experience levels. Currently, she is the band director at Mercer Middle School in Loudoun County, Virginia. In addition to this job, she enjoys teaching private brass lessons and working with the John Champe High School Marching Knights. In her graduate year at Virginia Tech, Kristen completed one year of student teaching at a local middle school where she taught general music and band.

In the classroom, Kristen strives to create real-life experiences for her students. Her lessons are focused on empowering students to solve problems, think critically, and collaborate as a team to make music come alive. She focuses on the emotional impact and meaning behind music, and her students make connections between their own experiences and the music they perform.

In private lessons, Kristen values student-led goal-setting. Inspired by her teachers, Jeff Nelsen, Wallace Easter, and Roger Novak, Kristen focuses on musical story-telling and emotional expression and values daily routine work as a way to establish and refine fundamental skills on the horn. Furthermore, she loves helping students deal with performance anxiety and managing their practicing through planning, journaling, and reflection.

If you are interested in taking private horn lessons or having Kristen come work with your students, send her a message on her "Contact" page!

Check out the link below for a practice journal template that I use!

This is the template that I use in my own practice journal. It allows me to plan in advance, focus in the practice room, and reflect on what I've done to inform my next practice session!