Musical outreach benefits everyone. The performers get to share their music, their stories, and their craft in an interactive, informative, and at times, healing way with audiences. The audience get to learn, experience, enjoy, grow, feel, and ask questions in a safe space where their participation can be the driving force behind the program. Kristen loves to perform in these informal settings to establish connections, relationships, and meaningful experiences for communities. If you are interested in Kristen planning and performing outreach for an event, please contact her. Read below for more information about Kristen's philosophies and outreach experiences.

Educational Outreach

Kristen loves sharing music with children in the community. Music has so many lessons to share with society, and she has performed programs focusing on important concepts such as teamwork, healthy emotional expression, and story-telling. While focusing on music's relation to life's big lessons, Kristen enjoys teaching fundamentals of music to kids as well, such as the relationship between music and movement, dynamic contrasts, and how sound is created.


Pictured here is a very meaningful performance where Kristen and her friends prepared and performed at the First United Methodist Church Preschool where Kristen worked! The kids especially loved exploring movement with blue streamers while they played Frozen's "Let It Go."


Pictured from left to right: Kristen Friend, Rolando Velasquez, Justin Chiang, Jess Henry, and Cean Robinson

Community Outreach

Music has the power to unite a community to take part in a communal, emotional, and uplifting experience. Kristen has enjoyed many opportunities to perform in community programs and events, and she particularly enjoys interacting with members of the community before, during, and after performances.


Pictured here is a horn quartet from Virginia Tech, Horn Fourths, enjoying a night of dancing and community at the Friday Night Jamboree in Floyd, VA after performing at the local market. They especially enjoyed hearing many talented Floyd musicians throughout the evening!


Pictured from left to right: Sophie Tenaglia, Becca Soltesz, Liz Remchuk, and Kristen Friend

Giving Back

Kristen has performed in retirement communities since high school, and she continues to create new opportunities to perform in these places. It is one of her favorite audiences to perform for, and she finds great satisfaction in giving back to a generation of people who have given our world so much throughout their lives.


Pictured here is a performance Kristen and her friend and colleague Robert Deis organized of several chamber ensembles from Virginia Tech performing for Warm Hearth in Blacksburg, VA. This performance provided a diverse collection of musical styles by many different groups, and it was a blast to put this program together and interact with the members of this fantastic community!


Pictured from left to right: Chris Cummins, John Kofol, Anne Friend, Kristen Friend, Amberly Westermeyer, Katherine Heflin, Maggie Dozier, Sophie Tenaglia, Molly Ambrai, and Becca Soltesz